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First English Examination 2013/2014 (Scientific streams)

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First English Examination 2013/2014 (Scientific streams)

Post by joe black on Sun May 04, 2014 8:05 pm

Secondary School

First English Examination 2013/2014 (Scientific streams)

Part One : Read the text carefully and do the following activities

Tax Evasion and Swiss Banks

Tax evasion is a crime in almost all developed and developing countries, and the guilty party is liable to fines and/or imprisonment. Helping foreigners evade tax is not a crime in Switzerland’s banks. Swiss banks have for centuries been the place for the rich to deposit money they want to hide. Many wealthy people avoid paying taxes in their own country by opening a Swiss bank account. Those banks have made trillions of dollars by doing so. However, the Swiss government is under a lot of international pressure to change its banking laws owing to the global banking crisis. The U.S. president in particular says it’s high time Americans paid their taxes .Because tax revenue provides the cheapest means of funding public investments in education, health, physical infrastructure, crime prevention, and public defense. It is also core to the social contract between citizens and state: citizens as taxpayers want assurance that everyone pays their fair share and that the revenue collected is being spent wisely on their behalf Swiss president Hans-Rudolf Merz said Swiss banks would co-operate with the international community to fight the tax cheats provided that foreign governments could prove that bank customers were breaking the law. US President Obama strongly hopes to solve the problem of tax evasion, which he believes is costing the USA billions of dollars a year in lost tax revenues.

Adapted from The Times Saturday, September 13th 2009.

1-What type of text is the above passage : (0,5)

1- a newspaper report 2- a speech 3- an extract from a book

2-What type of discourse is the text above? (0,5)

a)-narrative b)-expository c)- prescriptive

3 )- Say if these statements are true or false ?(2pts) a- Wealthy people escape from paying taxes.

b- Both developed and developing countries consider tax evaders as criminals.

c- Tax evasion is unlawful in Switzerland.

d-The president Obama strongly believe that Americans don’t have to pay taxes

4/.Answer the following questions according to the text. (4pts)

a--How is a tax evader punished by the law?

b- Why is Switzerland forced to change its banking system? c- Where are tax revenues spent? d-What condition did the Swiss president provide to stop foreign tax evaders?

5) What do the underlined words in the text refer to? (1pt)

a)- their §2 2)-doing so=(§1)

Text Exploration:

1) Find in the text words or phrases that are close in meaning to(0,5)

a)-offence (§1) b)find evidence=(§2)

2-Find words that are opposite in meaning to the following (0,5)

a)-native =§2 b)-innocent=§1

1-Rewrite the second sentence so that it means the as the first given.(1,5)

1) - a)- Criminals are hiding huge amounts of money in foreign banks. b) - Huge amounts of money………………………………………

2) - a)-A rich man regrets not having paid his taxes

b)-He wishes…………………………………………………………..

3)- a)-The government should reduce taxes so that its citizens pay them

b)-The government…………………………………………………..

2)-join the pairs of sentences using the following connectors(1,5)

therefore Owing to Provided that In order to

a-The American government lost revenues .Citizens did not pay their taxes

b-We will stop tax evasion. Swiss Banks will not open accounts for foreign tax evaders.

c-The manager respects the code of ethics. He wants to regain the confidence of his employees.

3)-Complete the following table (1pt)

4)-Ask questions on the underlined words.(1pt)

a) The criminals were sent to federal prisons

b) Bank customers broke the government laws

5)- Classify the following words according to which syllable is stressed.(1pt)

Wealthy – evasion - provide -reconstruction

PART TWO : WRITTEN EXPRES​SION(Choose ONE of the following topics) (5pts)

Topic one: Write an article about money laundering and its impact on economy. You may use the following notes:

- Money laundering /hiding the illegal /origin /money/ disguise/

from tax inspection /criminals /deposit/ foreign banks/buy / sell properties/money becomes legal.

-Effects: damage /financial sector/increase crime, terrorism ,criminal organization / encourage corruption/ social problems….etc


In your opinion, what are the best measures to have a free-corruption society? Give suggestions.

Good Luck
joe black

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