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Second Tem Exam 2014/2015

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Second Tem Exam 2014/2015

Post by Admin on Fri Mar 20, 2015 10:11 am

Level: 2nd year philosophy stream Timing: 02 Hrs.
                                                      Second Tem Exam 2014/2015

When the Martians arrived on earth, people were curious and excited. As the first few hours went by, and news spread, more and more people came to see what was going on. The Martians appeared to be weak and slow, and not really much of a threat. Their strange form of arrival, how they fell from the sky in a big metal cylinder, took the humans by surprise. It took several hours for the Martians to break out of the cylinder, and as they did, a small group of scientists approached the pit that held the cylinder. This was when the Martians first attacked, burning them to ashes with a heat ray. People did not believe that it had happened, and carried on with their usual everyday life.
It was not until the next few days that people really started to realize how serious things were. By then the Martians had grown a lot stronger, and were wiping out whole villages with their deadly heat rays. Because their war machines and technology was more advanced, the Martians were able to move a lot faster, and could look down on humans the way we look down on ants. As the days went on, more and more Martians arrived in their cylinders, and I do not think that people would have been able to defend themselves, if it were not for the one weakness that the Martians had. Because they had come from another planet, they were probably used to another environment, and were immune to their own diseases. Earth however, has different diseases, and when the Martians did come out of their cylinders, they became weak and sickly, and soon died out.
                                                                                         From the book: War of the Worlds by H.G Wells.
Part One: Reading:
A/ Comprehension and Interpretation:      (7pts)
Read the text carefully and do the activities:
1) The text is: a) Narrative.                                                (0,5 pt)
                   b) Descriptive.
                   c) Expository.
2) Are these statements “true” or “false”:                     (1,5 pt)
a) At the beginning, People were careless about the Martians arrival.
b) Martians were friendly.
c) At the end, Martians are infected by the earth diseases, which led to their extinction.    
3) Answer the following questions according to the text:             (3pts)
a) What happened to the scientists that draw near to Martians?  
b) Were Martians used to earth environment?
c) Why were Martians more rapid and stronger than humans?  
4) In which paragraph is it mentioned that The Martian attack was serious?          (1pt)
5) What or whom the underlined words refer to:          (1pt)

B/ Text Exploration:                                      (8pts)
6) Find in the text words that are opposites to:                                         (2pts)
Fast ≠ §1 …………………….  Strength≠ §2 ……………….
7) Complete the chart as shown in the example:                                       (2pts)
Verb Noun Adjective
Eg: to create
To die Creation
…………….. Creative
Cool Connect each pair of sentences with one of the words given. Make changes when necessary:   (2pts)
a) Aliens come to our planets. This leads to our extinction.     (if)
b) Martians have more advanced technology. Martians are stronger than humans.     (because)
9)  Classify the following words according to the number of their syllables:             (1pt)
Martians / strange / technology / scientists
One syllable Two syllables Three syllables Four syllables

10)  Fill in the blanks with :  If – become -  Aliens -  our                                               (1pt)
If aliens came to ……  planet tomorrow, we humans, the way we are now, would destroy ourselves if …… don't do that first.  ….. there really is life out there, we're screwed big time if we don't ………. superior to them first, or entirely change the way we handle this world.
Part II: Written Expression:                 (5pts)
Choose only one topic
Topic one: You have watched many science fiction movies about Martians. Some of them have depicted Martians as friendly; however, others represented them hostile. If Martians invaded our planet, would they be friendly or hostile? Write a short paragraph giving your opinion.

Topic Two: Write a short article speculating about what would have happened if the industrial revolution had not taken place. Illustrate your speculation using the cues below:
Means of transport: (cars/ airplanes/ buses) Vs (horses / camels).
Means of communication: (telephone/ mobile / computer) Vs (letters / pigeon).
Health: discovery of vaccine, penicillin, insulin …etc.
                                                                                                                   Your Teachers



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