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Third term exam (1st) year

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Third term exam (1st) year

Post by Admin on Sat May 30, 2015 10:50 pm


Read the text carefully then do the activities.

Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone in 1876. He first worked for his father. He developed a system for teaching deaf people to speak. This system, called Visible Speech, used symbols which showed the position of the throat, tongue, and lips in making sounds. From this early experience, Bell became interested in the telegraph.
On March 10th 1876, during one experiment with his assistant Thomas Watson in separate rooms, Bell spilled some acid on his clothes by accident and said, “Mr. Watson, Come here, I want you.” Watson heard the message through the phone spring and came immediately. These were the first sentences ever transmitted over the telephone.
Today, people almost everywhere can speak to each other by telephone. There are even car phones, plane phones and mobile phones which transmit sounds through airwaves rather than telephone lines. The telephone has truly become an important part of everyday life for people all over the world.
(Wikipedia Encyclopedia)


1) Copy the title you think is the most appropriate to the text. 1pt
a. Telecommunications and satellites.
b. Graham Bell's invention.
c. The importance of time saving devices.

2) Say whether the following statements are true or false according to the text. 2pt
a. Bell has invented the telephone.
b. Thomas Watson was his assistant.
c. Today, there are neither car phones nor plane phones.
d. The telephone is not important for people today.

3) Answer the following questions according to the text: 3pt

a. How did Visible Speech teach deaf people to speak?
b. What did Bell become interested in?
c. What did Bell say during one of his experiments?
d. How do mobile phones transmit sounds?

4) Circle the letter that corresponds to the right answer. 1pt

The text is : a) argumentative b) expository c) narrative

5) What or who do the underlined words refer to in the text? 1pt

a. He developed (§1) b. These were (§2)
1) Find in text words that are synonyms to the following: 1pt
a. Need (§2) b. Send out (§3)

2) Find in the text words that are opposite in meaning to the following: 1pt
a. Last (§2) b. Without (§2)

3) Rewrite sentence (b) so that it means the same as sentence (a) 1.5pt
A. a. Bell said:” Mr. Watson, Come here, I want you.”
b. Bell ordered………………………………………….
B. a. He said to me: “How are you?”
b. He asked me ………………………………………..
C. a. “Please, help me.”,he asked his friend
b. He asked…………………………………………….....

4) Complete the chart as shown in the example: 1pt

Verb Noun
Example to communicate communication
to discover ………………
……………….. invention

5). Classify the following words according to the pronunciation of their final ”s” 1.5pts

Cages – Vowels – asks – Boxes –Watches.

/s/ /z/ /iz/

6- Ask questions on the underlined words: 1pt
a- Bell spilled some acid on his clothes by accident


Choose ONE of the following topics:

Topic One:

Using the following notes write a short biography of Alexander Graham Bell.
- Born in 1847, Edinburgh, Scotland.
-became Assistant of his father at university, London.
- Went to Canada and USA in 1871.
- opened school for training teachers of deaf people in Boston
- Invented Telegraph 1875
- Invented telephone 1876
-Died in 1922
Topic Two:

Write a short paragraph in which you talk about a home labor saving machine, its invention and importance in daily life.


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