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Second Term Exam

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Second Term Exam

Post by Admin on Sun Mar 06, 2016 10:42 pm

What will happen if more of the Amazon forest is cut down? According to climatologists, two things are likely to happen: there will be serious effects on the world’s climate and the air that we breathe will lose some of its oxygen. Why is this? Trees absorb Carbon dioxide from the air and give out oxygen into the air. Some scientists believe that they provide 50% of the world’s annual production of oxygen.

If we lose the tropical forests, the air will contain much less oxygen and much more carbon dioxide: It will become difficult- perhaps even impossible- to breathe.
With more carbon dioxide in the air, the temperature will rise; the ice-cups at the north and south poles will melt; the sea level will rise and hundreds of seaside towns will be flooded.
Scientists do not all agree about the calculations which can be done in different results. But all of them agree that if they destroy the Amazon forest, it will be an environmental suicide-like losing an ocean. Life on earth will become difficult, and it may become impossible.
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Part One: A/- Reading Interpretation: (7 pts)
1) - Circle the best answer: (0,5pt)
The text is: a- a radio report b- a website article c- a documentary report.

2) - The general idea of the text is: (0,5pt)
a- The Amazon location b- The Amazon forests and the future of the world. c- Desertification

3) - Say if these sentences are true or false according to the text: (2pts)
a- Climatologists worried about climate changing on the world.
b- Trees do not provide the world with oxygen.
c- The destruction of the Amazon forest means the end of the world.
d- If temperature rises the poles will melt.

4)- Answer the following question according to the text (3pts)
a- Why air that we breathe will lose its oxygen?
b- What will happen if we lose tropical forests?
c- What will happen if there is more carbon dioxide in the air?

5) - What or who do the underlined words refer to in the text: ((1pt)
Its (§1) =…………………… they (§2) =……………………
Which (§5) =……………… them (§5) =…………………..
B/- Text Exploration: (8 pts)
1) - Match each word with its definition: (1pt)
Words Definition
Climatologist Inundation caused by overflowing.
Flood To pull down or demolish.
Destroy To pull down or demolish.

2) - Find in the text words which are opposite in meaning to the following: (1pt)
Freeze (§4) ≠……………… same (§5) ≠………………………….
3) - Complete this table: (2pts)
verbs nouns

4) - Put the verbs between brackets into the correct tense: (2pts)
a- If the Amazon forest (disappear), there (to be) more CO2 and less oxygen.
b- If we (cut) down trees, earth (become) desert.
5) - Connect these sentences with the following word (as a result) (1pt)
a- Carbon dioxide in the air is increasing. The temperature is rising.
6) - Circle the silent letters in the following: (1pt)
Air- right- what- losing

Part Two: Written Expres​sion(5 pts)
Deforestation is one of the major causes of pollution. Write a paragraph talking about their causes, consequences and solutions by using the following notes:
a) -Causes (burning forest/ industry uses)
b) -Consequences (more CO2 less oxygen/ temperature increases/ poles melt/seaside towns flooded)
c) -Solutions (plant more trees/ protect forests from fire, destruction, and rubbish/make people aware of the problem).


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