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3rd year exam ''Bribery ''

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3rd year exam ''Bribery ''

Post by Admin on Fri Oct 30, 2015 3:10 pm

Part one. Reading
a- comprehension
Read the passage carefully then do the activities
Bribery is the crime of giving or receiving something of value to influence official action. Both the person giving and the person receiving the bribe are guilty of bribery. Bribery is illegal for two reasons: first, it usually involves a public official using his or her office for personal gain; second it can cause officials to make unfair decisions that affect citizens. Bribery is a very old crime. There is evidence of bribery dating back more than 4000 years.
Usually, a person who bribes a public official is paying to get special treatment. This special treatment can come in many forms. For example, a company might bribe an official to win a government contract. Bribing a public official is the most common type of bribery. In the United States, officials convicted of bribery may be fired, removed from office, and sent to prison for up to 20 years. Commercial bribery, the bribery of owners or employees of private companies, is also illegal in many places, but it is less commonly punished.
No one knows how often people commit bribery, but many experts believe that most people who bribe officials are never caught. Bribery is more common in some countries or parts of countries than in others. Many countries have made it illegal to bribe officials from other countries.Bribery and similar illegal transactions in the political sphere alone cost the world an estimated one trillion dollars every year. Less prosperous nations those who export oil and certain other resources have been found to be particularly exposed to bribery and other corrupt activities, though even the wealthiest nations are not safe.
(Adapted from” NEW YORK TIMES”, Nov2007)
1. Circle the choice (a, b and c) that best completes statements A, B
A. The type of the passage is:
(a) Narrative (b) expository (c) descriptive
B. The text is:
(a) a letter (b) a report ( c) a newspaper article
2. Are the following statements true or false?
a. Neither the person giving nor the person receiving the bribe is innocent of bribery.
b. In the United States, officials convicted of bribery are rewarded and given special favours.
c. We can catch people who bribe officials.
3. Answer the following questions according to the text.
a. What is bribery?
b. Why is bribery illegal?
c. What are the nations that suffer most from bribery?
4. Give a suitable title for the reading passage.
5. What do the underlined and bold words in the text refer to?
b- Text Exploration:
1. Find in the text synonyms to the following words.
Causes&1= a lot of&2= think&3=
2. Find in the text opposites to the following words.
Innocent&1# to lose&2# less&3#
3. Find in the text the word which definition follows.
…………………………. Operations and business deals. &3
4. There is a logical connection among three (3) of the four items in each group of words.
Cross the odd one.
a Teacher Electrician Cooker Farmer
b fake Property Counterfeit copy
5. Which nouns can be derived from the following adjectives?
Possible, local , hospitable , honest, ethical
6. Give the right form to the verbs in brackets.
a. I would not go abroad to study if they (not give) me the opportunity.
b. If Tom (to visit) the bookshop, he would have bought many novels.
c. Children had better (to work) and (to give) importance to their health and education
7. Fill in the blanks with words from the list below.
Dishonest, site, internet, illegal.
Many people find it .....1...... to infringe some copyright through the..........2...... . They put the copyright theft in pirate .........3....... in order to share them with other internet users. so, it is something ........4........ and unethical.
8. Classify the following words according to the pronunciation of their final –S.
a) chances b) citizens c) ethics d)cases

Part two. Written Expres​sion(5 pts)
Choose one of the following topics.
Topic 1:
Suppose that you are working in a company where the moral values are not respected. Write a letter to the minister in which you describe the situation using the following notes (child labour, false accounting, no safety measures, unhealthy conditions, bad pay..).
Note: respect the form of business letter
Topic 2:
Suppose you are a journalist, you met a child working in a factory of shoes more than 12 hours a day. Make a conversation with him.

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